Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Well, that escalated quickly.

So, it was more like 10:15 when the ReBuild Green team showed up (Add 2 hours to the waiting tally) but after seeing what was accomplished they are completely forgiven.

So, to begin with, house looks like this but imagine with a "deader" lawn and the port-a-pottie on it:

And the interior of the house looks for the most part like this:
Living room wall with asbestos removed/look into kitchen. 
At 10:15 yesterday, a bunch of trucks and cars arrive. Out jump about a dozen gentlemen and they begin to take with no exaggeration 12 ladders of various sizes, a pile of shovels, rakes, and brooms, 2 coolers, a boom box, and about 10 industrial strength plastic garbage cans off one of the trucks. Each of the guys has a hard hat and a crow bar. Literally within 10 minutes they were set up and working. 

I looked in at about 10:30 and this is what I saw:

The baseboards were off and the trim around the door beginning to be removed. There was one guy on a ladder working on the ceiling light fixtures. 2 guys in the kitchen working on removing the dishwasher, one guy in the closets removing poles, shelves, etc. Two guys propped the garage door open. It was a hive of activity.

Some other shots from 10:30-11AM:

Microwave and stove removed from kitchen already. Staged in garage. 

Molding and trim from the master bedroom.  There is a fantom arm in the closet removing the shelf and pole. 
So at about 11, I decided I was nothing but in the way and went home to do other house stuff (budget, cash flow, insurance… the behind the scenes stuff).

I returned at about 2:45 to check in. No more than 4.5 hours later and this is what the state of affairs:

This used to be the kitchen! Stay tuned for another shot of this a little later on. 
Our tub is now in the master bedroom. Remember that closet from 2 photos up? That formerly stood where in the right hand part of this photo. 
Our living room… 

By the time I returned at 2:45, they were down to the studs throughout the house. There was hardly any sheetrock left on the walls. AMAZING!

They were also finished packing up a truck with the appliances, interior and some exterior doors, and other fixtures. This was headed out to Oakland to be processed and to be resold/recycled. 

I left around 3:15 and then OH stopped by on the way home from work. This is what he saw… less than 2 hours later:

The kitchen, 2 hours later. 
Living room taken from a different angle. 
More done and more than that, debris removed. Woosh! Amazing. 

ReBuild Green you rock! 

I have photos from this AM (Tuesday) which show even more progress. I am headed back to the house now to do my afternoon check. Will include those updates with the ones from this AM a bit later on. 

As OH said last night, we are past the point of no return. That was an understatement! 

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