Thursday, July 31, 2014

Permission Granted

I realize I am behind in noting what happened this week… but I am going to fast forward to today and just say

We got our building permit! 

Had our demo inspection at 2:20, approved by the lovely Penny from the Menlo Park Building Department. So I headed to City Hall with the ink still wet. Pulled out the old Visa Card and racked up some serious United Miles! But, by 3:00 I was on my way, approved plans in hand to ARC Blueprinting so that I could get the construction plans scanned and get them to subcontractors tomorrow. 

The lot is being staked tomorrow by the Civil Engineer so that the house gets built in the right place and on Monday, we are off to the races. 

Have 8:00AM meetings scheduled for tomorrow and Monday. I am officially back in work mode but a benefit is my commute is 10 minutes, on a bad day, and NO CAL TRAIN! I am OK with the early mornings. The one that is going to have a problem is Dog. He hates the morning. 

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