Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Starting the week right!

Yesterday (Monday) was a very busy day and there was absolutely no waiting to be done!

Since we are deconstructing the house as opposed to demolishing the house, The ReUse People came to tag everything that is being donated. So, windows, cabinets, wood, bricks, etc. all have stickers on them and have been inventoried. Measurements were taken, things tagged inside and out and all done in record time. Our hope is to get as much as possible to be recycled and reused and limit the amount going into the landfill. This process is 10 times longer than the bulldozer and twice as expensive but it at least provides us with a means of being green. And, truth be told, we do get a tax deduction, which is nice. If you need a new water heater, I can find out where it is going and when it will be available!

And, the heavy equipment made its debut on the property for the first time and within minutes of being fired up made the place look like a real construction site. Roderick, the President of ReBuild Green was up on the bobcat and dug out the sewer line so it could be capped. Capping the sewer is another checklist item for receiving a demolition permit, so after the inspection (today) we will be one step closer. 

The first piece of heavy equipment & ready to strike!
Sewer dug out, cut, and ready for the cap. 

Just back from the house and met with inspector from West Bay Sanitary District and we passed! They definitely win the prize for how a utility company should operate. Inspection time set for 3:30, they showed up at 3:25 and were done by 3:27. They need to teach PG&E how this all works… including letting a subcontractor do the work and then just swinging by to inspect. But, that is another story. 

So, next step is to meet Roderick at City Hall tomorrow AM. I bring the PG&E letter, the letter from the arborist stating that the trees are protected to his satisfaction and a few other things and we can wrap up the demolition permit process. The city will review for a few days and then we get our Demo Permit and we can start taking the house down. Roderick thinks we can start a week from tomorrow.

Looking like a construction site. 

I am crossing my fingers. 

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