Friday, June 6, 2014

Quiet Day

Today is an admin day. Setting up appointments and going through bids is the order of the day.

Monday I have to apply to have the sewer temporarily capped. Need to stop in at the city to confirm what else I need prior to starting demolition.

Next Tuesday we get construction fencing and the power switched to the temporary pole. 

Other things that we need to do before we get our building permit:
- Arborist letter saying we protected our trees (we get that after the fence goes in) 
- PG&E needs to cap our gas. (We are scheduled for July 7 (YUCK) but trying to move that forward since PG&E screwed up. 
- Road Impact Fees! (Have to see the city for that one…) 
- City approve structural plans. Submission is imminent, approval takes a week. 

Next week we have to select vendors so I can begin to schedule for after demolition. 

Estimated guess for demo start at this point, provided we do not get pushed up in the schedule by PG&E… July 10. Then 2 weeks for deconstruction… so getting to ground breaking is getting closer! 

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